Quentin Gautier

About Me

[UPDATE] I am now in France, working as a project manager on several R&D projects at Alten.

I'm a Computer Vision R&D Engineer working at Pretia Technologies (Tokyo, Japan) on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. I work on image processing and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithms to create a cloud platform that can help app and game developers create multiplayer AR experiences.

I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UC San Diego (San Diego, CA, United States) in 2019 under the supervision of Pr. Ryan Kastner. During this time, I worked on hardware acceleration, (speeding up algorithms with FPGA and GPU), FPGA design optimization using Machine Learning, and building a 3D reconstruction system to scan archaeological sites. More details here.

I also graduated from INSA Rennes (Rennes, France) in 2010, where I got a Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on software engineering.

I moved to the United States in December 2010 to work as a software developer in a medical physics research lab in Moores Cancer Center in UCSD under the supervision of Pr. Steve Jiang. Over there, I worked on a platform for GPU-based algorithms to solve radiotherapy calculation problems.

I love working on 3D technologies, including computer vision, computer graphics, but also anything related to optimization, especially hardware acceleration of algorithms. I also really enjoy applying my research to various fields, whether it's medicine, archaeology or video games.

If I'm not working, I enjoy traveling, hiking, playing video games, making video games, photographing and making movies.

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Tokyo, Japan

San Diego, CA, United States